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Who we are

For over 25 years, Australian Fitness Network ('Network') has been dedicated to supporting the careers of fitness professionals while growing the credibility of the Fitness Industry.

Network has a membership base of over 10,000 fitness professionals, industry experts and trend leaders from around the country and the world  - all of whom are at the heart of everything we do.

We’re in regular communication with our members to ensure we provide leadership and innovation so we can “inform, inspire and educate them to be the best they can be” – our Core Purpose.

Since its inception, Network has offered quality continuing education for fitness professionals and qualifications for those aspiring to work in the industry. However, we have recognised the need to give more people access to quality industry training so they can make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of the nation.

With rising obesity, heart disease and mental health issues crippling the nation, more people are realising the importance of living a healthy lifestyle - and helping others do the same. Many who want to work in the fitness industry, however, have not pursued this goal as they have been unable to fit study into their busy lives.

It is for these reasons we created fitnessU - a new brand of fitness education that will empower you to start a new career with a full VET qualification that's recognised throughout the Australian fitness industry. We’ve built upon Network’s renowned qualifications to provide more flexibility and support so you can study around your active lifestyle and current life, work and financial responsibilities. This will enable you to smoothly transition from your current career path to one where you can positively change lives and go for it in your study, career and life.

Nigel Champion
Executive Director

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There are stacks of work opportunities in the fitness industry for the right individuals with a desire to challenge others and the status quo. To find out about these and more, click on ENQUIRE NOW, follow the prompts and leave the rest to us.

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