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fitnessU launches High Performance Specialisation

Paul Bulatao - Monday, November 07, 2016



With the explosive popularity of high performance sports in today's world, more and more people are seeking ways to better prepare their body's athleticism, demanding the best and fastest results from their training.


If you are keen to teach your clients how to get bigger, stronger, fitter or faster, then becoming a High Performance Trainer is the way to go. With fitnessU you can choose from four High Performance Trainer certifications: 
  • Elite Strength Coach
  • Animal Flow Instructor
  • Sports Performance Trainer
  • Bodyweight Athlete Instructor. 
High Performance trainer and fitnessU ambassador, Nathan Parnham has been a strength and conditioning coach for over 13 years, during which time he has worked with athletes from a variety of sports at junior, amateur and professional levels. He says, ‘working with athletes is a privilege and takes meticulous planning for any success. Understanding the fundamentals of the sporting arena from theory to practical application allows you as a trainer the opportunity to enhance an athletes physical readiness to compete at an optimal level.’


To find out more about how to take your own and your clients’ training to new levels by becoming a High Performance Trainer,   phone 1300 493 832 or email:




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