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High Performance Trainers in the Spotlight- Guillaume “Gee” TUAL

Paul Bulatao - Thursday, November 03, 2016

Name: Guillaume “Gee” TUAL


What is your current role in the industry? 

I am a Personal Trainer as well as founder and owner of Altitude Fitness and Health. I started my own outdoor business in 2010 focusing on training people for their snow holiday. I extended my SkiFit Program to rehabilitation training and got to work alongside great physiotherapists and massage therapists. Since then I have focused my training towards movement and bodyweight training as I believe most of us don’t move efficiently anymore. I am also now training the NSW U18 ski and snowboard team and I'm a founding member of Movement Republic, an innovative movement facility in Pyrmont.


What sparked your interest to pursue a career in 
this area
I have always had an interest in sports, playing basketball for 15 years (including 3 years pro) and skiing for most of my life. I’ve had my share of injuries too which actually helped me to better understand the functionality of the human body. I’ve always preferred functional training rather than weight lifting and never really stepped into a gym until I arrived in Australia, to be honest. I was given the opportunity to become a PT and to eventually train people for skiing and snowboarding, which is a real passion of mine.
What is required to be successful in this role?
 You must be a people’s person. The care factor is undeniable and people know when you actually care or not. It is not as easy of a job as people think, I mean you must be ready to do long days, get up around 5am most days and sometimes finish late. It takes a great amount of focus as you need to be present with each client all day long. They pay you to take care of them during that session and sometimes beyond (write program, nutrition plan…). But I think that if you find your niche and you’re passionate about helping others and make a positive impact in someone’s life then it makes it worth it.

Having achieved this level of success in your field, what things have you had to give up and sacrifice in order for you to get to where you are today?
I stopped playing social basketball as it was late in the evening and had to give up on some holidays at the beginning. In saying that, being your own boss has its own advantage too!At the moment I have a lot of things going on and train clients 7 days a week but I know that in a couple of months things will change for the better. I think you must be ready to do some sacrifices as long as it will work in your favour after.


What has been the top stand-out moment in your career to date? There are quite a few….but doing my Level 1 and 2 Animal Flow Instructor Course has brought me so much. It has changed the way I see training and the way I personally train, I got to meet amazing like-minded trainers from around the globe and we are still an awesome, strong community. It allowed me to also connect with the team at Fitness Network and become a Fitness U Pro-Trainer as well as work at FILEX (a MUST ATTEND event for everyone!)
What opportunities can this chosen field lead to? It really depends on the direction you choose to go. Some of my fellow trainers now have articles featured in magazines, radio and TV. I write occasionally for ski blogs and magazines. Others have decided to go back to University and study physiotherapy. I also think that you get to learn the tricks about running your own business and eventually you can run your own facility, which is a great achievement.


What piece of advice do you wish you had been given at the beginning of your career? Get a mentor and work in a gym! I started my own training business outdoors while working full time for a ski company. If I could have worked in a facility with senior trainers, I know I would have gained experience much quicker. That’s why I think the Pro-Trainer system is fantastic as you get to learn some very valuable tips while studying, which will give you a step ahead in the industry. Saying that, I learnt different tricks by using less equipment, dealing with weather, not paying rent…Another thing, never stop learning. The Fitness and Health industry is an ongoing evolving field and you must be open to new trends and thoughts as well as keeping your education updated. You will be an all around trainer which will benefit your clients too.


To be further inspired by Gee's journey, or to find out more about how you can become a High Performance Trainer, including training prerequisites, visit the High Performance Trainer page.




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