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Practical Hours – The What, Who and Why?

Paul Bulatao - Monday, November 14, 2016





Work Practical Experience

  • Learners are responsible to individually source their own appropriate practical experience venue.
  • Certificate III and IV includes set supervised hours as specified in each module. (This breakdown can be found in the training plan).
  • Supervised hours is the contact time with specific clients as identified in each assessment in front of a supervisor.
  • The supervisor will sign off on your completed hours via the log book and supervisor reference located within the assessment booklet.
  • If you need an introduction letter stating these requirements and s statement that fitnessU will be covering you for your insurance, please contact

The Supervisor

Any person who has a minimum qualification in Certificate IV in Fitness. This may include:

  • The manager of a gym/studio you are a member of.
  • Any Fitness trainer you see supervising the gym floor at your gym
  • A Personal Trainer at the gym/studio you are a member of
  • A Personal Trainer you do have or hired in the past.
  • Your local gym/studio even if you are not a member.
  • A Personal Trainer you see in the park.
  • A friend or family member who has this qualification.

Pro- Trainer transformU Sessions

  • Your TransformU sessions are structured sessions in line with particular modules of the qualification. (This breakdown can be found in the training plan).
  • Each transform sessions are 1 hour sessions to assist, mentor and give learners the tips, practice and feedback to develop practical skills to be assessment ready and job ready.
  • TransformU sessions may be counted and signed off to form part of the required work practical hours.

The Pro- Trainer

  • Pro- Trainers are employed by fitnessU to facilitate the set sessions.
  • fitnessU allocates you a Pro- Trainer at time of enrolment
  • In the event to where there are no local Pro- Trainers, a Skype session can be substituted.
  • Your Pro- Trainer cannot be used for further sessions outside the set sessions- unless he/she is able to assist you in their own time. 


Why all the practical hours now?

  • There is a growing concern of graduates coming out of the fitness qualification who are lacking the necessary skills.
  • The Fitness Industry have reported the needs to ensure graduates finishing the qualification to have the essential knowledge and application of skills needed to be job ready.
  • There are now compulsory practical hours as the new minimum standard nationwide for the fitness qualification.


  • A great way for you to explore the industry and where you might like to work in the future.
  • Test drive different companies to work for while you complete your practical tasks to see if it fits your expectations and style.
  • An opportunity to present yourself as an enthusiastic potential employee in the future.



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