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What is a fitnessU Pro-Trainer?

To enrich your learning experience, fitnessU provides ongoing face-to-face mentoring, support and guidance through its preeminent mentoring program.

You will be paired with an experienced fitness professional – called a ‘Pro-Trainer’ – right from the beginning of your fitness journey, ensuring you are well supported right from the start of your studies. And this support will continue all the way through to the successful completion of your course, including an effortless transition into the industry.

fitnessU Pro-Trainers hold a Certificate III in Fitness, Certificate IV in Fitness, First Aid with CPR, Network membership and industry insurance. They also actively engage in continuing education and have a minimum of two years of active experience in their area of specialty.

Connecting you – the learner – with a highly experienced and knowledgeable Pro-Trainer, ensures you have access to the vital experience, expertise and industry insight during your journey to becoming a qualified fitness professional. Your Pro-Trainer is there, specifically, to help you develop a wealth of specialised skills, clarify your questions, and alleviate any study-related anxieties along the way.

“The mentor program is excellent. It ensures students keep on track with their studies and ensures they are supported, no matter where they are based in Australia"

Marg Anderson, fitnessU Pro-Trainer

Why it works?

At a certificate III level, the national estimated completion rate for government-funded VET programs is 38 per cent. However, the completion rate for fitnessU students enrolled in the Certificate III in Fitness (SIS03015) is 72 per cent.

A large part of the success of our students is due to our unique Pro-trainer program. This additional layer of support has proven effective in engaging and motivating learners who study online, ultimately boosting the success rates of students completing the course.

Each Pro-Trainer provides fitnessU learners with direct access to the industry. Your Pro-Trainer may facilitate connections with other like-minded industry professionals which can, in turn, open the door to future employment opportunities.

“I was fortunate enough to receive an employment opportunity with Personal Best Fitness, which enabled me to learn from a wide range of highly experienced professionals. The mentoring process, as well as this employment, will aid my growth as a trainer and greatly boost my prospects of having a successful career in fitness.”

– Matthew Hills, fitnessU Graduate

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