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Typically, nutrition and weight management are issues that fitness professionals are required to address with clients, on a very frequent basis.

Australian Fitness Network’s Elite Nutrition Coach certification will enable you to operate as a Weight Management Trainer in the fitness industry. This Fitness Australia-approved course will provide you with the necessary skills to motivate clients to make the positive dietary changes required in order to achieve their health and fitness goals.

The course author, Dr Rebecca Reynolds, finished her PhD investigating the effect of the glycemic index on hormones, appetite and acne vulgaris at Sydney University in 2009, with Professor Jennie Brand-Miller. She has since worked in community-based obesity prevention at The World Health Organization's Collaborating Centre on Obesity Prevention, in nutrition education for fitness professionals at Australian Fitness Network and for public health nutrition students at Deakin University.
This Elite Nutrition Coach certification consists of four comprehensive modules that examine nutrition coaching, nutrition for strength and size, fat loss, and nutrition for all stages of life.

Course: Elite Nutrition Coach certification
Pre- requisite: Successful completion of Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40215)

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I am a practising Naturopath and Sports Nutritionist who loves all things to do with education and empowering people to know and understand their bodies so they can get the most out of them fitness and health wise. I am a life long athlete who now in my 40's does endurance sports such as Iron-man triathlon etc. So I am coming from a place of "practice what you preach'. My favourite part of my job is teaching people to understand and implement sports nutrition principles in a holistic nutrition environment so they know how to better take care of themselves. I see clients 1 on 1, lecture and create programs for private colleges and run a live-online mentoring program for PT's and nutritionists looking to increase their knowledge in sports nutrition. I don't prescribe to any 'one' nutrition philosophy as I think each person needs to look at how their body feels with different styles of eating and that it is a lifelong journey of trial, error and adjustment to get the best out of foods and exercise habits, kind of an 'intuition nutrition' approach. 

Using her 20+ years of clinical experience Kira Sutherland combines her knowledge of naturopathic medicine with her education in sports nutrition, to create a truly holistic approach to optimising performance for athletes and those striving to achieve optimum health. Currently living between Canada and Australia, Kira has lectured both locally and internationally on all things naturopathic and sports nutrition. She is passionate about teaching people how to take care of their body for the long term, rather than just treating them in the present moment, as she believes the role of a practitioner is to empower and teach her clients to take care of themselves by giving them as much knowledge as possible.

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